state of grace was created in early 2016 as the research arm of robert grace architecture.


The series Rencontres 2016 was created in partnership with Columbia Global Centres Paris (the European Center for Columbia University).





ELa invites dialogue, debate and dissent through exposure to a variety of practices in and around architecture.  Inaugural session to run 1 - 24 May 2018     in Paris & Venice

ELa is free - not for profit, no fees, no tuition, no salaries, no assessment with no qualifications offered and it is much more, an open forum for free thought, for shared ideas, true learning and discovery.


  Various talks including des'Esparon series


The des’Esparon talks expound on history, politics, depopulation of rural areas versus massive urbanisation, resource management - extending micro experiences to the macro issues facing architecture and the world. Further, the practice of making, has led to the formation of a nascent theory - architecture artisanale that stems from the immediacy of an architect physically building. These observations and realisations ensure this practice of architecture as continuing research, which filters into other projects of robert grace architecture's practice in Paris.


In Deep at the Shallow end

des'esparon series whose history


Long term collaboration with Sarah de Teliga and Linus Gruszewski

other collaborations with            Michael Markham, Charles Salter, Mark Goulthorpe, Marc Newson, S2F, Pfau architects,                                                                          Fougeron Architecture, Tony Loizou,


Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Will Ricker Restaurants, WR, RCH, Ottolenghi, Spatial, Eckersley O'Callaghan Ingenierie.


Casier Rouge Casier Blanc                  Lala PHARE                     Les TOMBE                   Roof construction system                     UBERLIGHT                     Windows and Doors